Saturday, 27 March 2010

Frogs have been busy....

...(Croak-type frogs, not our cousins across the channel!)

Took this pic yesterday:

Frogspawn in the "Wildlife Pond" in the back garden.

Actually - the "pond" is an old Belfast Sink which was in the very overgrown garden when we bought Norton Towers 12 years or so ago. We found it after cutting down grass and weeds which had grown to about 2ft tall!

We get frogs, toads and if this lot all "hatches", thousands of tadpoles by the look of it!

Anyway - gotta go and get ready for the big game this afternoon. Belper Town v Witton Albion. (6th - them v 7th - us, both on same points and only separated by a goal difference of 1 goal.)

Not sure whether to take the camera... it's a beautiful day for taking pictures but I really enjoyed just watching the game on Tuesday evening. We'll see. Right now it's time for the "Full English" so I'll see yer later!

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