Sunday, 28 March 2010

An enjoyable Saturday!

Belper Town 3-2 Witton Albion.....

1st goal scored on 45 minutes - we had the relevant Golden Goal ticket and won £25!

Pics are here:

with an alternative (and maybe better) view from "The Gaffer" Tim Harrison here:

Good game this - Belper coasting it at 3-0 until 75 mins or so when our keeper made his only mistake of the day and  let a mis-hit "bobble" shot go under him. Witton added another with 6 mins left so it was edge of seat time!

The right result in the end but the game was almost spoiled by a very inept referee who seemed to make booking Ant Wilson (Belper striker) his priority for the day.  The other results from the day mostly went Belper's way and so the team is now back up to 3rd place but we've played more than most teams around us so a play off place remains only a possibility.

Good chat in the clubhouse afterwards with Danny and others and fish finger sandwiches for tea when we got home rounded our Saturday off very nicely.

First "Summer Time Sunday"  has been quiet - I sorted out the above album and after a light lunch, listened to Sheffield Utd v Scunthorpe on Radio Sheffield. In fact - it's just finished and United have lost 0-1! There'll be some unhappy Blades at work tomorrow morning!

Right - finished my cuppa - going to have a wander on to the end of the street to get a Green 'Un (The local Weekend Sporting Paper for those of you who may not know) and plan a relaxing Sunday afternoon to match the quiet Sunday morning!!

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