Friday, 12 March 2010

Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania

Just arrived at the Comfort Inn, had a quick shower and change - meeting client for dinner shortly.

The guy I'm waiting for is also called Ken and he and I have known each other for 15 years or more. Lovely bloke who has become  a good friend as well as customer.

He'll bring his daughter with him and it'll be good to see her again. I've watched her and her brother grow from young kids to late teens/young adults. They are two fine young people.

Been quite warm here today - driving down here was relatively easy - we split the five hours or so between us and got here about 6:45 pm US time.

Took a few pics of hotels and stuff which I'll hopefully share with you early next week. We're off home from Pittsburgh via Toronto and Heathrow tomorrow and I'll be back in God's County on Saturday afternoon.

Booked Monday and Tuesday off work - partly to allow recovery from jet lag but also because we're having a new combi boiler fitted on Monday and the Duchess wants me around to "supervise"(!)

Dunno if I'll be able to post again this trip so the weekend looks favourite for pictures and stuff....

Until then......

"Have a Nice Day!!!!!"

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