Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Black Tie got another airing this week..... my Auntie Pat's funeral on Thursday. Pat was the youngest of 12 kids, including my mother, and now there are only three left - Ruth, Betsy and Eileen.

Dad was one of nine so, as you can see, I come from a very big family! I have cousins I've never met, including Pat's two kids, essentially because we've never really been a close family. Scary thing is Pat was only 71 - I'm 60 now and 71 suddenly seems so much closer!

Anyway - Friday - I treated myself to an iPhone 3GS, to replace the Blackberry I've been using for 18 months. Frankly - I wasted 18 months! The iPhone is a cracking piece of kit and is way better than the Blackberry....

Magic piece of technology (crap photo tho!)

It's not often that I "drop lucky" but the Orange Store in Meadowhall were doing a "Bank Holiday Weekend" promotion and were offering the 32Gb version at the same price as the 16Gb version. Although - Apple are bringing out a new phone this summer so maybe they are getting rid of stock before the launch.

The Apple Store was absolutely packed. The iPad was launched that day of course and the store was "cordoned off" with dozens of people getting set up instruction and handing over their cash. Report follows later because my daughter-in-law has bought one. It was delivered here Thursday (UK pricing works better than Euro pricing for her) and I'm organising getting it delivered to Rotterdam next week.

Saturday - it rained all day so we didn't stray far - just nipped down to B&Q in search of a new watering can (I know, I know - peeing it down and he looks for a watering can....) and some new cords for the strimmer. As it happened, B&Q had nothing that we wanted so it was a wasted journey.

Saturday evening - the Duchess flicked channels between the Eurovision Song Contest and Britains Got Talent while I hooked the iPhone up to the PC and sync'd my iTunes playlists and Internet shortcuts. It was amazing to watch BBC iPlayer on the phone - stunning.

Next week's plans include a visit to Bempton. It's the Duchess' birthday on  Wednesday so the plan is a day out at Bempton then Filey for fish & chips as her birthday treat.

Right now - listening to the Omnibus edition of the Archers and then, later today, if the garden dries out after yesterday's rain, more grass and hedge cutting (Oh deep joy!)

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