Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Another busy week...

.. the main event of which was Belper Town 1-1 Matlock Town in a pre-season friendly last Saturday. A local derby with Matlock playing in a divison above Belper Town and so some serious bragging rights were at stake here!

Unfortunately, not the greatest game I've ever seen. it was a bit scrappy with only occasional glimpses of good football. The major plus for me was the excellent defensive display from the Belper side - the back four looked very good and coped well with pretty much everything. In the end,  a draw was a fair result as they say.

A packed Belper bench!

The rest of my album from the game is here:

and you may contrast and compare with the"Official" album here (created of course by the Main Man, Tim Harrison:)

The rest of the week has been pretty much taken up with organising (and then re-organising cos a customer changed his mind!) a short trip to Canada and the USA, scheduled now for week-commencing 30th August and including calls in Sudbury and Mississauga, Ontario, Canada; Grand Rapids Michigan; Belle Center Ohio and Monongahela, Pennsylvania before heading back home Friday evening 3rd September. Hectic but typical of the type of trip I make these days!

Oh Yeah! And once again, my Sunday was spent cutting privet hedges (6 hours in total - it's a jungle out there!) and trying to get my garden into some sort of respectable shape. Trouble is - it's a bloody big garden and stuff will insist on growing dammit! (That's' the only redeeming feature of winter as far as I am concerned - stuff doesn't grow and the grass doesn't need cutting!)

Right - gonna watch the 2nd half of the England v Hungary game - or maybe Yorkshire cricket on Sky Sports 3. Hmmmm! Decisions, decisions! (How can you tell the Duchess is out and so I have the remote.... Mwahahahah!!!)


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