Monday, 2 August 2010

St Botolphs Church, Boston Lincolnshire

I've been promising for a couple of weeks now that I would show you some pictures of the inside of the famous "Boston Stump".

St Botolph's Church Tower can be seen for miles around the town because (a) the area is so flat and (b) it's the tallest structure around there!
I've never been inside the church until this year and I was absolutely stunned by it's beauty. I am not overly religious but I have to admit there is a sense of.. well, almost tranquility inside the old place and it won't be my last visit.

The pics are here:

They don't really do it justice but I hope they give you a taste of what it is like. I snapped a couple of other churches whilst we were tootling around. There's plenty of 'em!

This one is at Sausthorpe and has a magnificent steeple

And this one is at Freiston, near the RSPB Reserve

More pictures follow - my next planned album is "Lincolnshire Skies!" (Bet you can't wait!!)

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