Monday, 30 August 2010

On the Run!!

Just a quick note while I have a moment!

Yesterday was  a looong day!

Out of bed at 6 a.m. UK time - check in at Heathrow at 9 to be told the flight is delayed one hour.

It ended up being 2 hours late which meant we missed our connection in Toronto and so were booked on the next flight - due to leave at 7pm (Canada time = midnight UK time!) That eventually left at about 20 to 9 and so we got here at gone 10 pm (3 a.m. Sunday UK) instead of 5:15 pm (Canadian)

After being met at the airport and grabbing a quick burger, I eventually got into bed at just about 12:30 Canadian which meant I'd been about 23 hours "on the road"

Today we meet at the customers plant here in Sudbury then head back down to Toronto for meetings tomorrow with our biggest client.

Wednesday will be interesting but I'll tell you more later - I gotta go cos my ride is here. (BTW - temperature yesterday in Toronto was 33 degrees C and temperatures in the range 28 to 35 are forecast for the rest of our trip..... so glad I packed a sweater!)

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