Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Nowt on t'Telly....

....translated as - "Nothing worth watching on Television" (for those among you who do not speak Yorkshire.) So - I'll tell you what's been happening since my last post.

On Saturday, we went to watch Belper Town's last pre-season friendly game at Ossett Albion.  Unfortunately, after about 85 minutes of competitive and often exciting football, trouble flared and the Belper manager has ended up with 2 stitches in a cut right eye which has now turned completely black. He was allegedly hit by one of the Ossett players. I say allegedly because Andy (our manager) called me on Sunday to tell me that the linesman was also allegedly assaulted and the police are now involved. Charges may follow.

Shouldn't therefore say too much more but here's what Andy's face looked like after the alleged attack:

The really sad part is that Ossett Albion is a well set up club with a nice ground and excellent facilities.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a friendly smile along with a brief summary of what was where within the ground and so on. Although the official attendance was only 59 people, they were welcoming and friendly.

After everything calmed down and as we were about to leave, a couple of the Ossett officials came and had a word, explaining their embarrassment and adding apologies. They also wished us well for the new season. It is such a pity that the actions of one idiot marred a good day out.

Anyway - Sunday was spent cutting bloody hedges (again!!) and "back to work Monday" came around as quickly as ever. Monday evening meant mowing the grass at the back of the house. The weather forecast on Sunday said there would be little chance of getting it done during the rest of the week because of almost incessant rain varying between showers and monsoons apparently. (Hasn't happened yet of course!)

The other news this week is that my new company car should be available within the next couple of days! It's been delivered to the local VW dealers so I popped in for a quick look on Sunday. It's still got the "packing tape" around it but I saw enough to see it's a beaut. Pictures follow at the earliest opportuniity.

I've also pretty much sorted out my next trip. We (me and our QC Manager) set off for Canada on August 29th and get back to the UK on September 4th. It's a whistle-stop with calls in Sudbury and Toronto (Ontario) and 3 "one-night stands" in the USA. It'll be hectic but I prefer that - time passes more quickly and you don't have a minute to think about getting back home until it's time to head back.

The new footy season starts on Saturday. Belper Town are away at Sutton Coldfield Town and even though it's 70 miles there and 70 miles back - we're seriously thinking about it!

Report follows (if we decide to go.)


Mike Smith said...

How many hedges have you got Ken ?? Ever thought of setting up a racecourse in your back yard !!!

Nortoner said...

Front-facing street(mine), front left (mine), back left (mine) front (drive) right, back right (both neighbours)
Technically, only three but the idle neighbours on the right as you look up my garden/drive never cut the shared hedge and so it's down to me!
Also from front (street) to top of back garden is just around 130ft of privet!