Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday Morning Blog time...

..because it's hammering it down outside and I can't therefore cut the grass or clean the cars... Damn ;-)

Been a mixed week but generally good.

Wednesday evening, we took the Duchess' new car up to Foxhouse and Burbage Moor to catch the sunset. The car had had a minor repair so we were "testing" it. Took the camera "just in case" and was rewarded with a very "moody" sunset. 

The first was taken near Foxhouse and the second was taken as we got toward Burbage Moor. Two different locations and two very different "colour-sets".

Thursday - had three-quarters of a day off and so took the Duchess out for lunch to the Swimming Pool Cafe in Hathersage. (Super sarnies and a good cuppa - highly recommended.) before driving past Ladybower, over the Snake Pass to Glossop, returning via part of the Woodhead Pass then over the top to Holmfirth. Back through the Strines and Derwent Valley. Cuppa and a toasted teacake at the High Peak Garden Centre. Then Morrisons to get some fish for tea and 6 hours and 110 miles later, we got back home! Lovely day and some great views over Holmfirth......

Friday morning was hectic at work and in the afternoon - it persisted again so we didn't stray far from home.

Saturday started with a surprise. Just coming light and I was making my cuppa in the kitchen when I spotted two foxes in the back garden! Grabbed the camera and managed to get a couple of shots:

The pictures are a bit grainy because it was 7:15 and the light wasn't great so I had to ramp up the ISO to 6400. Not great pics but not bad eh?

Saturday afternoon brought another defeat for Belper Town! This time against Harrogate Railway Athletic in the FA Trophy. We gave away a sloppy goal, missed a penalty, a "sitter" right at the end  and a great chance in the first couple of minutes.. It was so disappointing that I actually put away the camera after one golden chance went begging. Never done that before.

As ever - Tim Harrison "did his duty" and his photos are here:

I got a couple of "good 'uns" but can't really be bothered to do the edits and stuff.....

So - we're back to Sunday - the Archers Omnibus is just about done and so I'm going to try to find something to do cos the rain is still heavy. Showing no signs of stopping. Think I'l go and sort out some stuff in the loft.

Laters folks!


Mike Smith said...

Nice work with the foxes Ken - must be all those hedges that tempts them in :-)

Penfold said...

I reckon them hedges need a good trimming- never mind gallavantin' all o'er the Peak District ;-)

Beautiful pics Ken mate- loving the skies and Holmfirth vistas.....wish I could take summat similar ;-)
Sounds an absolutely wonderful drive that too...have you ever walked over the Dam at Ladybower- smashing views down the valley from off it. there's a layby right by it, just park up and go a wander.
Sithee soon pal.....