Sunday, 10 October 2010

No - I haven't stopped blogging.....

... it's just been another one of those weeks!

Sunday afternoon - went for a look at possible new beds.  Ours is almost knackered but we have had the thing for several years so we really need a new one. "Looking" turned into "Buying" - delivery in a month or so.

Monday - arrived at work to find no working telephone lines. So no phones or fax but oddly - Broadband was fine. Established later in the morning that there was a massive network fault and between 80 and 100 of BT's customers in the local area were in the same boat! Long story short - the lines were restored early Friday morning but only after our only remaining means of communicating with the outside world (Broadband) had also 'died' on Thursday morning. 

"Frustrating" just about sums it up. I reported the debacle to Ofcom because having spent all week trying to speak to someone at BT and only getting automated e-mail responses or "Select Option 1 for this and Option 2 for that" telephone menus, I'd had enough!

I asked Ofcom to ask BT to remove the e-mail address "" unless it is actually meant as a joke of course. Compensation claims are also being prepared.

Tuesday afternoon and all day Wednesday - spent at our sister company at Dronfield to learn more about the new computer and software systems we are introducing across the group. Interesting!

Thursday was difficult - trying to catch up on almost 2 days out of the office was impossible with no means of communication to the outside world (apart from personal mobile phones and 3G service)

Friday - usual half a day and a bit wasted to be honest - I fell asleep in the afternoon! Must be getting old if I need an afternoon nap.

Saturday was good - an away trip to Rainworth Miners Welfare FC and a good 2-0 win for Belper Town. It was also the first time I'd used the camera in a week! Pictures will follow but for now, as ever, The Master (Tim Harrison) beat me to it and his record is here:

Today promises a bright afternoon so we're planning a little run. (In the car of course - not yer actual jogging type run - leave it out!) Carburton lakes near Clumber Park is favourite. Fancy taking some pictures of the birds gathering round the feeders on the fence there.

I have a day off tomorrow - the Duchess has her pre-op assessment in the afternoon so we'll probably have lunch out and eat at the Bowshaw Carvery in the evening (to cheer her up a bit!)

I'll post again ASAP - hopefully before next weekend but - no promises!

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