Tuesday, 26 October 2010

This weeks excuse for lack of bloggage..

... simply that I've been busy, (or too lazy to blog!? A major distraction is the 1,000 piece jigsaw we're doing on the coffee table.... Nice excuse dontcha think?)

So - updates and footy first -

Saturday 23rd  Oct - Belper beat Shepshed Dynamo 2-1, coming back from 1-0 down. We missed it because we were collecting our son from Doncaster airport. He wanted to be in Sheffield when his ma had her operation so he's around until Thursday.

Tonight - Belper beat Quorn 2-1 in the Presidents Cup - we missed it because the Duchess had her new hip fitted on Monday (yesterday) and so she's in hospital and I've been visiting!

Maybe a pattern emerging here...... we don't go - Belper win 2-1 - hope not!

Tim Harrisons pictures from the Shepshed win are here

and a damn fine set they are too. (Careful Tim - you're getting a bit to good at this photography lark.... wouldn't want it to go to your head!) I'll add a link to tonights cup win when he gets his finger out and posts the album on the Belper Forum. Assuming he was there of course! ;-)

Last Sunday (way back after I did my last blog entry) we had a drive out into Derbyshire. The colours weren't quite there but we got some nice shots on a very bright day. Here's one...

and an album of the better shots from the day is here:

Didn't do much else this last week or so - mainly spent time getting the Duchess organised for her operation - which went well by the way - trouble is - she is not allowed to sleep on her side for the next 6 weeks. She must sleep on  her back - and that will be a challenge let me tell you! She'll hopefully be out on Friday morning. Fingers crossed!

Sunday just gone, we went for a drive out to Carburton Lakes again - but there was simply nowhere to park so we ended up heading back home after a loop around Ollerton and Sherwood Forest. Car was cleaned when I got home - and it has, as ever, piddled it down today so it needs doing again! Ho hum - my own fault - I chose black!

Any road up.... it's now 10:30 pm - I am knackered and about ready for bed. Work in the morning then hospital visiting in the afternoon....



Mike Smith said...

Please pass on my best wishes to the Duchess Kenneth - a place in next year's London Marathon is waiting I'm sure ...

Brian said...

Nice pics around Ashford & Calver, good job. Hasn't changed a bit , been 30+ years since we were there.
Best wishes to Sheila, get well soon..

Penfold said...

"Please pass on my best wishes to the 'Duchess Kenneth' "

Humm, something we should know about? ;-)

Seriously, same sentiments from me too Ken.....Feds is gonna have to watch his back once she gets going!

Wombat said...

Hello there - have been missing you on Twitter since you vanished without trace. Nice to know you are OK. Hope your wife's recovery goes well

Nortoner said...

Hi Wombat Mate!
Yeah - decided Facebook has become a bit of a waste of time - I'm not really that bothered if someone has received a medal in Bedazzled or whatever. The good stuff is getting lost in the dross!
And Twitter - well, all I was doing was reading the timeline - no time to tweet! So decided to concentrate on the blog.
Hope you and yours are all well!