Sunday, 17 October 2010

This Week in Nortonerland...

I know, I know - I promised an ASAP post... well, truly, this IS ASAP!

As described - Sunday - we went to Carburton Lakes, near Clumber Park - got some nice shots of birds various.....

...and it was a really pretty day -

Monday - day off. The Duchess had an appointment at the hospital for a pre-op assessment so I went with her. All seemed to go well and probably the best bit was the news that her blood pressure was at its lowest in ages!! She was so pleased she almost rang the nurse at the surgery to report the news (blood pressure checks every 6 months or so usually result in a high reading!) Anyway - the nurse at the hospital was really very nice and although the Duchess is still very apprehensive about the operation, she seems a lot more "comfortable" with it than previously.

Tuesday and Wednesday went in a blur but on Thursday I managed to find 10 minutes to take a few shots in the stock yard at work. The plant backs on to the canal and some of the bankside vegitation is starting to 'turn' to it's autumn colour... (and please ignore the incinerator in the background!)

 To say the canal runs through Sheffield's Industrial East End - it can be quite attractive (and it's actually full of fish!) 

Friday was as Friday is! Busy but with the bonus of closing at 1:30 pm! Generally relaxed through the afternoon and dined from the Chippy. Total relaxation.

Saturday began with the supermarket run, then off to Belper to watch the game v Brigg. As we were leaving the house, a warning light on the car dashboard caught my eye (do they still call 'em dashboards?)

Reference to the manual showed the light means the "Diesel Particulate Filter is Clogged with Soot." It might as well have been written in Dutch for all that this message meant to me!

Fortunately, the showroom the car came from is just around the corner so we called in on the way to the match. A technician told me that this can happen if the car has undertaken a series of short journeys. It's not serious and all it needed was a run down the motorway or a dual carriageway at a steady 70 kilometres per hour in 4th gear. Fifteen minutes or so should do it. So we headed for Belper and the problem was sorted. (See - this blog delivers tech tips too - as well as the usual rubbish!)

Football? Well -  Belper lost 1-0 although no one has any idea how. We dominated for 80 of the 90 minutes but just couldn't score! Disappointing but if we play like that every week - the corner surely has to be turned soon!

Took some pictures but not enough of at the high standard set by Tim Harrison, although I quite like these two.....

A very dramatic sky...

I'll put some footy pics up if I can find enough good 'uns.

Today is an absolutely glorious one so when  the Archers Omnibus is done, we'll grab a bit of "brunch" (posh here at Nortoner Towers aren't we?!) and then head out to Derbyshire to see if we can get some "Autumn Colours" pics.


Footnote..... Just posted this then found Tim Harrison had put his pics on the Belper Fans Forum whilst I was at it. A smashing effort (as usual!) can be found here - one of his best I reckon!

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