Sunday, 22 May 2011

Back in One Piece..

Got back from the trip Wednesday. Landed at Heathrow 25 minutes late at 12:45 pm after a flight of 8.1/2 hours, from Dallas.

Got back to Sheffield around 7:30 pm and back in the office Thursday.

Anyway - here's a couple more pics from the trip.

1985 Honda Goldwing at the hotel where we stayed near Boston.
The bike was way better equipped than the Hyundai Accent we had rented!

There was a cock-up with the booking at the last hotel on the trip so they moved us to another place and they paid for the rooms. A free night in an upgraded room and they even threw in a pitcher of Bud Light as an apology!

The hotel was called the Fairfield Inn and Suites

 and its a pity we were only there for one night.... the rooms had a bedroom, a living area with sofa and coffee table. There were two TVs and a CD player/stereo system! Very Nice!

View from tthe room doorway
 The "Living Area"

After a visit to our parent company, we headed for home on Tuesday afternoon.....

Flying down to Dallas Fort Worth and the long flight home!

Friday afternoon, we went down to Horncastle to pay the balance of our holiday bill - Elmhirst Lakes again - 2 weeks fishing - can't wait. We had fish and chips at the restaurant in the square and then a steady drive home.

Saturday was spent cutting grass and generally tidying the back garden. Hedges next.....

Not much else to say, although I shall be watching what speculation and conjecture I put on here because it would appear that some readers interpret passing comment as gospel truth. Remember - they say you should believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see!!!

Later.... perhaps!

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