Sunday, 29 May 2011

A week off next week!

So been very busy getting everything sorted before the break.

Wednesday - went to the Under-15s Presentation Night as planned. Another local referee did the honours. Uriah Rennie this time. He's had major surgery on his knee but hopes to be back reffing soon. (Although to be fair - after he described - in detail - the surgery he's had, I was surprised he was even walking!)

Thursday/Friday - Busy days at work. Head down, stuck in time!

Saturday - not the best of days weather wise but after lunch, we decided to have a drive out to the High Peak Garden Centre at Bamford to get a cup of tea and a scone. Bought some bits for the garden and came back via Hucklow.

Spent an hour or so watching the gliders (on a VERY windy day - I was surprised they were up there!) and took a few pics:

When we got back - took a few shots of a pair of bullfinches on the feeders in the garden. They aren't the best - taken through the bedroom window and at the full extension of a 300mm zoom lens. (That's two of my excuses anyway!)

Hopefully better efforts will follow of these rare visitors to our garden.

Finally, what a fantastic performance by Barcelona last night. I actually watched a recording this morning and after the first 10 minutes, there was only ever going to be one winner. I liked Mark Lawrenson's comment on the radio - during the game when it was still 0-0 and United were coming under increasing pressure. He said "It's like sitting in your house watching the clouds start to build - you know sooner or later - its going to pour down on you."

Anyway - that'll do for now. Got to start thinking about the week off and making the most of it. It's the Duchess' birthday on Thursday (June 2nd) and we want to try and cram in some "days out" although the forecast ain't great! We'll see.

I'll let you know how it went!

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