Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Trip So Far...

Saturday May 7th - picked up colleague from his  home 7:15 pm and drove down to Heathrow. Roadworks and a wrong turn (my mistake!) meant we arrived at the hotel at midnight instead of 10:15 pm.

Sunday - Breakfast at the hotel (£33 for the pair of us!!!! Robbing Southern b's!) Noon flight to Toronto and then a short flight to Sudbury Ontario, arriving 8:30 pm (1:30 a.m. Monday UK time!) Dinner (a burger) and bed!

Monday - client visit - went well - then fly back to Toronto. Met next morning's customer for dinner at the Keg (Steakhouse/Pub type chain - but very good!)

Tuesday - Awoke early to a glorious sunrise
Client picked us up from hotel, we had lunch then meeting at their place then flight to Boston. Flight delayed 2 hours.  Picked up hire car and arrived at hotel just before 11pm. Grabbed a quick bite at the local Sports Bar. Bed at midnight!

But the most important news of the day was the appointment of a new manager at Belper Town FC. The job has gone to Tommy Taylor, an ex-professional, with almost 1,000 senior games to his credit! Interesting choice and he'll have last seasons top scorer, Jon Froggatt as player/assistant manager.

Wednesday - Drove around to clients office - good meeting. He declined lunch so we grabbed a sandwich and headed back to Logan airport, dropped off the car - Hyundai Accent - don't ever buy or rent one! It cornered like a boat and had wind-up windows. Odd that. Wind up windows but one of the best radios I've ever seen and a plug in for an MP3 player!

Our flight was delayed due to thunderstorms over Grand Rapids but we eventually got there and in a small regional jet (60-seater), landed as the sky flashed and banged to the left of the aircraft! Picked up a hire car (Jetta - much betta!)

and drove to the hotel where it started raining heavily as we got out of the car on the car park! The kitchen was closed (well - it was 11 pm) so we ordered takeaway. Fast food dinner at midnight again!

Thursday - good meeting, lunch then a 5 hour drive to Bellefontaine Ohio (the temperature guage read 91 F at one point - at 4:48 pm it was still 89 F!)
where we checked into the Super 8 Motel. Arrived at 8 pm. and dined at McDonalds..... nuff said.

Friday - really good meeting at the clients place. The firm is run by a husband and wife team - two of the nicest people I know - and they always make us welcome. Because we were staying in the same hotel for a second night, we spent the whole day with them. This included a tour of the local area - including the shortest street in the world (Guinness book verified!) and the world's first concrete street - both in Bellefontaine Ohio. The shortest street is slightly longer than your average family car!

Saturday morning - left for our drive to the Pittsburgh area around 10:15 a.m and arrived at this hotel (Washington - Pennsylvania not DC) around 2:45 pm. The open road...
Chilled out for the afternoon and ate a late dinner at the Outback restaurant - Chicken and Ribs - lovely!) Heavy thunderstorms overnight flooded parts of the local area but we're OK here.

Sunday - up late. Continental breakfast and then a short drive to the local shopping mall where I picked up a couple of cds from Walmart. Looked for an anniversary present for the Duchess but nothing worthy was found. It's our 39th Wedding Anniversary on 20th May - 2 days after I get back. We had a sandwich for lunch then headed back to the hotel.

Chat via Skype with the Duchess - marvellous invention that! She's been at Under-11 and Under-15 Cup Finals most of the day and was relaxing at home after a tiring day.

Tomorrow we check out of the hotel and drive to Monongahela (about an hour away) for a meeting with a client. Straight from there to Pittsburgh airport, drop the car then fly to Springdale Arkansas via Memphis to meet up with the boss at our Corporate Headquarters on Tuesday.

Tuesday evening it's Springdale/Dallas/Heathrow, arriving in London at noon Wednesday. Pick up car from hotel and drive north to God's County and a proper cup of tea.

Back in the office Thursday. Read this lot again and you'll see why I haven't posted - we've never stopped until now!

Anyway, I gotta go... Oh BTW - pictures from the Duchess' little Canon Ixus camera - pleased with them!

See Y'all y'hear!

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