Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Howard Webb - Top Bloke!

Monday night -, accompanied The Duchess to the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League Under-10s Presentation Night at Barnsley Metrodome. And a good night was had by all - or so it seemed to me!!

Trophies were presented by Howard Webb - a really nice guy!

Our son had heard Webb would be doing the honours and asked if I would mind getting him to sign an autograph addressed to his mate Yuri. Thing is - Yuri is a Dutchman and our lad wanted to "wind him up" since Howard is not totally forgiven, by some people anyway,  in Holland for the World Cup Final defeat!

He obliged .....

 Howard saw the joke! After I'd texted the above photo to our lad - I got a reply:

"Oh that's Awesome! Please tell him he's made a Yorkshireman away from home very very happy!"

After the presentation - I showed Mr Webb the text and he said "Brilliant! Tell him to keep fighting the England cause over there!"

As I said - really nice bloke - arrived at about 8 pm and presented somewhere in the region of 400 to 500 trophies and hung around afterwards chatting to the players and parents and signing autographs. 

He tries to do at least one of the Presentation Nights every year (well he is a "local lad" - comes from Rotherham) and this year, the Junior League presented him with a commemorative trophy to mark his 2010 World Cup Final performance:

I didn't take the big camera. The League have an "official" photographer, who is a pro, and I didn't want to tread on his toes! (Had a lively debate with him re Canon v Nikon tho - he's a Nikon man - and not for budging!!) Aside from that, although I knew there would be dozens of parents taking pics of the kids, there could well be CRB issues if I'd started firing off at all angles!

However, took The Duchess' Canon Ixus - but I don't know what I did wrong because most of the shots are rubbish. But here's a couple anyway...

BTW - These blokes are one of the Management Teams from one of the winning teams - we don't really have Under-10s that big in our local league!

There's another Presentation Night tonight - this time the Under-15s. Me and The Duchess will attend again and I'll report ASAP!

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