Sunday, 4 September 2011

Talking of Flying Things....

Friday afternoon we went to Bakewell and were delighted to get some shots of the Red Arrows who were displaying at Chatsworth. Not the best view but exhilerating nonetheless. It was their first public display since the tragic death of one of their number and it was nice to hear they flew the "Diamond 9" formation with one corner missing as a tribute. They also "drew" a heart in the sky and apparently, the only unmarried pilot flew a single stroke of red smoke through the heart. Fish and chips by the river on a warm evening finished the day.


Not the best shot of the "Heart" but hope you get the idea! (Click on the pic for "big")

It's been a busy week "photographically" and I am still sorting pictures from the week but in summary:

Sunday - Carburton Lakes - managed to get parked and got some very nice shots of birds on the feeding pots.

It's a lovely spot.

Great Tit


 There's some bugs too!!

Monday - Bank Holiday Monday and a day off. Belper 3-1 Ilkeston was the best part of the day although there was some deep debate about HOW we won 3-1! It could (should?) have been 4-2 to Ilkeston at half time and although the team rode their luck a bit, the way Belper closed out the game after the penalty which made it 3-1 was impressive. I didn't take the camera but Snapper Harrison was there and his excellent record of the match is here:

Tuesday - a second day off and a visit to the Old Moor RSPB reserve at Wath-on-Dearne. Arrived about 10:45 and spent a good four hours wandering around. More bird photos were taken but I'm still editing them. Overwhelmed with a photo editing backlog is perhaps the best way to describe the current situation! For now - here's a couple of the best shots.

Greenshank - a very "elegant" bird

Common Sandpiper - not THAT common - only the second time  I've seen one

Wednesday - Quick trip to Meadowhall after tea. Went for a new sweater, came back with a pair of shoes. As you do.

Thursday - work, home, tea, telly, bed.

Friday - Supposed to get a visit from a plumber/bathroom designer to talk about remodelling our bathroom. Unfortunately, they called to cancel on Friday morning and the appointment is rescheduled for Thursday next week. At least they guy let us know he couldn't make it. The first plumber we approached made an appointment for the previous week but he never showed. No explanation or contact from the bloke so if that's the level of his service, we maybe had a lucky escape. The company we're now talking to installed our new central heating boiler last year and did an excellent job. Didn't realise they did bathroom design and refitting and hopefully, we'll get a similar service on the bathroom. So we took a trip to Bakewell and got the Arrows shots above (plus some more shots of birds but you don't need to see those!)

Saturday - They say save the best for last but this week - the worst comes last. Yesterday, we went to watch Belper Town get knocked out of the FA Cup at the first hurdle for the third successive year and to a team from a lower level also for the third year in a row. Pictures to follow but it's extremely annoying to make a 180 mile round trip, using almost half a tank of diesel and taking 5 hours total driving time to see a team lacking in confidence, passion and who appear to have no idea what system they are supposed to be playing. Deeping Rangers seemed to want it more than us. Very disappointing. Tim Harrisons album has just been posted - have a look..,..

As I said, mine will follow but for now, that's it. Laters

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