Thursday, 22 September 2011

It's Been An Interesting Week!

To say the least!

Last Saturday, Belper Town lost again at Sutton Coldfield, leaving the team in 17th place, just one point above the relegation places and although reports say it was a better performance, the fans were generally not happy. Tim Harrisons album is here:

Anyway, on Sunday, Tommy Taylor resigned after just 3 months in charge and to be honest, it was probably for the best. The results weren't right but just as importantly, some of the fare offered up by what are essentially good players has been very poor.

So - debate raged on the Belper Town FC Fans Forum with all sorts of accusations and insults flying back and forth between the "pro-Tommy" and "anti-Tommy" lobbies. It got a bit lively on there I can tell you with ex-manager Andy Carney putting in is two-penorth as did assistant manager and striker Jon Froggatt who gave the board, club and fans a real tongue lashing!

Upshot is a new manager - Peter Duffield - was appointed mid-week and so essentially, the season starts again in many respects. He has vast experience at this level and took Retford Town to promotion from the division Belper are in so - hope springs eternal as they say.

Duffield's reign starts on Saturday at Carlton Town. That can be a tough place to go but the Duchess and I won't be making the journey so we'll have to rely on text updates from friends various!

More routine matters......

Thursday last week was a gloriously sunny day so the Duchess and I nipped down to Chatsworh Park late afternoon and had a wander by the river. Managed to get some nice shots of the deer on the far side of the river and had an interesting chat with a guy who was fly-fishing. Turns out he's a fishing coach and gave me his card - in case I ever fancy switching from coarse fishing to fly fishing.

Peter Lax - fly fishing coach - I have his number should you need it

After that, we drove on to Matlock Bath and enjoyed fish and chips before strolling back to the car.

We were fortunate in that the guy on the car park at Chatsworth was just packing up so declined our offer to pay the £2 parking fee and when we got to Matlock Bath, a chap was just leaving the car park and passed on his ticket which was valid until 10 pm and so covered our stay nicely. Eee! Ah luv it when ah get summat for nowt tha nose!

Friday - afternoon nap (I know - at my age - but I didn't feel well OK?) after the supermarket run.

Saturday - quick trip by bus into Chesterfield. The Duchess had won £25 on her premium bonds and so we treated ourselves to a new phone for the house. (And Sheffield Wednesday won - so not a bad day at all really.)

Sunday - apart from a short visit to Wards Garden Centre at Coal Aston, we didn't go out. Weather was very mixed and in fact, it absolutely threw it down at one point. We had Roast Pork for dinner/tea and added apple sauce using apples collected that very day from our own tree in the garden. We've had a massive crop this year. Don't know the poundage the Duchess has gathered over the last week or two but we've filled 4 or 5 Morrisons carrier bags and given some to the neighbours. And there's still dozens of apples on the tree. We'll be eating apple sauce and apple pies until next autumn but I'm not complaining!

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - have passed in a bit of a blur to be honest and have consisted of the routine work/home/sleep pattern. With the nights "drawing in" it's starting to limit after work activities. In fact - no serious photography has been done since Chatsworth apart from on Tuesday afternoon when I went to our sister company at Dronfield to photograph some electric hammer tools so they can be added to the product range display on the company website.

The only other thing of note this week is a decision to remove our bath and replace it with a shower cubicle. After getting a reasonable quote from a reliable company, the work starts on October 10th.

Trips to Canada and USA (commencing 1st October, back in Sheffield on 8th October) and Brazil (week of 24th October) are now in place and unfortunately this means I shall miss Belper Town's next 3 home games. Hopefully, by then the new manager will have turned things around. We shall see!

Finally - I leave you for now with the best one line gag I've heard in a while....

Rolf Harris has been ill for some weeks. Doctors don't know what it is yet!


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