Friday, 30 September 2011

Playing catch up... again. Sorry folks - I've been busy

Last Saturday - we went to watch Belper at Carlton and although the team lost 3-2 - it was as a result of a controversial penalty given by an inept referee in the last minute of added time.

Tim Harrisons pics are here..........

and my very belated (only finished editing Wednesday night!) is here:

Talking of Wednesday night, the new managers second game in charge was also at Carlton, on Wednesday evening, this time in the League Cup. Snapper was there again (dedication or wot??!!) and recorded events here: (Belper won 4-2 by the way - with a Jon Froggatt hat trick the main feature)

We didn't go - too far on a work night. Besides, we might have got lost again as we did on Saturday when a journey of an alleged 58 minutes took us over an hour and a half.

What else this week - not a lot apart from a brilliant sunset on Tuesday evening. We walked up to the local park to watch it. Pics might follow if I get time. Also took pictures of the new fork lift truck we had delivered at work but you're not really that bothered are you?

Anyway - gotta go cos I'm off on a trip to Canada and USA starting tomorrow with a train at 11:27 a.m. to Heathrow. Then fly to Toronto. The rest of the week is....

Sunday - fly up to Sudbury Ontario.
Monday meet client, fly back to Toronto.
Tuesday meet client, fly on to Grand Rapids Michigan, collect a rental car.
Wednesday visit client, drive 5 hours south to Belle Center Ohio.
Thursday meet the client, then drive 5 hours to Bentleyville Pennsylvania.
Friday visit client then fly Pittsburgh to Toronto to Heathrow to Manchester arriving at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning October 8th on which date I understand, Belper Town are away at Carlton (for the 3rd time in a month!) in the FA Trophy.

So - shan't make Rainworth away tomorrow - but the Duchess and our mate Joey are going. Pity that, we have a couple of mates at Rainworth and it would've been nice to hook up but work comes first I guess (well for the next 3 years or so anyway!)

Nowt else to say really. I'l try to post from the road next week - all the hotels have free Wifi and there aren't any really late arrivals so for now - see yer!

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