Thursday, 15 September 2011

You Know The Guy Who Said "Things Can Only Get Better"?

Well - he was talking through his backside!

The performance  from Belper Town FC last Saturday was truly awful. About the worst I've seen in 5 or 6 years of watching the Nailers. We lost 3-0 to Grantham Town and as a contest - the game was over at half time.

In some ways it's not surprising that we lost. The managers starting line up included 5 defenders, one midfield player and 4 forwards. OK - we had certainly lost the services of one midfield player and looked like losing another two so his options were maybe limited but when the substitutes included 2 "natural" midfield players, the selection was to say the least, baffling.

The team had no shape and following on from the below par performance the previous week when we were dumped out of the FA Cup by a team from a level below us, there was great discontent among the Belper fans. The Fans Forum has a huge debate about whether the manager should go now before it's too late!

Anyway - I put the camera away after the first goal went in and so have only a few snaps from the match but Snapper Harrison stuck to the task and the whole sorry episode is revealed here:

To console ourselves, we dined at George's fish & chip restaurant in Belper before heading back to Sheffield.

Then on Tuesday evening - my other team, Sheffield Wednesday, got a 5-1 stuffing from Stevenage Borough! Stevenage Borough for goodness sake! It's not so long ago that they were playing just above Belper Towns level!

That's football I guess and the unpredictability is one of the reasons we keep going back I suppose but it makes for a disappointing and miserable week. Still, my "Grumpy Northerner" tag at Belper is fully justified this week for a change!

Belper's next game is at Sutton Coldfield on Saturday. They have been in the top three all season and so I fear the worst. We shan't be there. I don't intend wasting any more diesel on long trips to watch "football" of the standard of the last 2 games.

I am also in the midst of organising a business trip to the USA and Canada so will miss the home games on October 1st and 4th and another trip - this time to Brazil scheduled for late October - could mean I miss the home game after that on October 29th. Could be 1st November when I next see the Nailers. Not sure yet.

Other stuff happening this week? Not a lot really. The company I work for is on a plant maintenance shutdown week and I am pretty much on my own in the office answering phones and checking e-mails etc. Not strenuous and I do get to leave a little earlier than usual at around three o'clock so it's not all bad.

The camera has been out this week of course but I've bored you enough for today and so I'll post a couple of pictures maybe tomorrow or this weekend.

See Yer!

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