Sunday, 22 January 2012

Birthday Treat(s)!!

Had a great day on Saturday - my 62nd birthday. (And I repeat for Tim Harrisons benefit - 62 not 82!!)

Belper Town were at home to Newcastle Town and The Duchess and I decided that, as part of the celebration, we would sponsor the match ball. It's the third season in a row that we've sponsored the ball and so we have our third memento:

As Club Secretary David Laughlin was escorting us to the Boardroom for  pre-match coffee, we were introduced to Team manager Peter Duffield who wished me a "Happy Birthday" and suggested I should be receiving gifts on my birthday! I suggested 3 points would be the perfect present and he promised to see what he could do.

Boy! Did he deliver! Belper Town 3 - 1 Newcastle Town was the final score but it wasn't just the score, it was the nature of the overall performance which was the bonus. Belper had a "shaky" spell of about 20 minutes but stuck to the task and played some nice football.

I didn't take the cameras (I'm allowed a day off on my birthday aren't I?) but the ever reliable Mr Harrison published the following "bumper bundle!"

Coffee and a "finger buffet" in the boardroom at half time was excellent and having treated some of the regular fans/mates to a complimentary drink after the game, we headed to  George's Fish & Chip Cafe in Belper before driving back up to Sheffield.

Oh - and by the way -, The Duchess won the Goalden Goal prize of £25! That's the second game in a row that she has won it but "off stage" cries of "Fix!" were ignored!!

It's been a bit of an "eating week" actually. On Thursday and Friday, we had visitors to the plant at work and we fed them when they arrived at lunchtime, then dinner on Thursday evening. On Friday we had lunch at the Bowshaw (but only a sandwich - not the Carvery!) before our guests departed by train from the Midland Station. Then on Friday evening, The Duchess and I dined out at TGI Friday as my "official" birthday dinner." With all this eating out, I'll never manage to get some weight off!!

Monday and Tuesday was spent in training for our new computer system which it is hoped will be going "live" at the end of January. There's another day next week - we've spent the odd hour or two playing with the test system to familiarise ourelves - and then it's basically "New Systems Go!"

The week has certainly flown but another notable event occurred this week. We got our annual Mortgage Statement. It's a lovely feeling to know the mortgage has one year and 5 months to run and the balance is now down to a very manageable level. Nice to know we could pay it off as a lump sum if we really wanted to! 

There is also an important significance in the 62nd birthday landmark. Almost all of our long service employees at work (like me) are in a Final Salary pension scheme which has a stipulation that says if retirement is taken before the age of 62, the pension will be reduced by around 4% for every "pre-62" year. However, when the grand old age of 62 is reached, there is no loss of benefit. All that is forfeited could be a little bit of added pension due to any potential pay rises between 62 and 65. It's a nice feeling to know that if I really wanted to, I could retire within a month!

Anyway - the cameras have had very little use this week and with Belper Town having no game next Saturday, it might be a while before I have any pictures to post. Our son is coming over on Wednesday for business meetings with clients on Thursday and Friday, then a day with his best mate on Saturday before flying back home on Sunday. Which reminds me - I do have a pic to show you.....

He has to get back because they are buying another apartment in Rotterdam. There is work to be done on it but this is the view from the balcony  -

"Jealous" doesn't begin to describe it!!

;-)  See Y'All!

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