Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lens Cup

Just thought I'd show you one of my Christmas presents. It's a thermos cup in the form of a 70 - 200mm Canon lens.

Novelty! (keeps the tea warm as well!)

On Sunday we decided to have a drive out to Rowsley (between Bakewell and Matlock and pronounced Rowsley - as in "row your boat", or Rowsley as in "row = argument" depending on your preference). We've passed through the place many times on our way to Belper and back so thought it would be a good idea to park up and have a little "explore."

There's the "Peak Outlet Park" (or whatever it's called) just on the outskirts of course but we gave that a miss and looked at the village itself.

It's only a small village but well worth a look. There is a working flour mill where you can actually buy bags of their flour. There's also a cafe, craft shop, very well stocked gift/toy/book shop and toilets, we spent a good hour and a half having a wander around. I took the camera of course and might post a couple of pics if I get the time.

Right now - lunchtime is coming to an end so it's back to the grind.


Mike Smith said...

Bet you'd rather have the real thing Ken ?

Me as well !!!

Nortoner said...

too right mate - still - I can dream and its the thought that counts they say. Yeah right!