Monday, 2 January 2012

Oh Well - That's About That Then.

One more day before it's back to work.

Belper Town away at Ilkeston this afternoon. A 45 minute run according to various routefinders. Doubt we'll get much there but you never know. (Although I think, deep down, I do!)

Not a lot happened since my last post although we had a run out into Derbyshire t'other day (Burbage Moor, Ladybower, High Peak Garden Centre, Calver) and then went to Carbuton Lakes for an hour yesterday. Birdwatching and stuff as usual.

I said before - dunno where the last two weeks have gone. Most depressing thing is that apart from a few lovely days out, I've spent the majority of the break sitting on my backside trying to find something worth watching on telly. Didn't get any of the tasks I'd planned sorted. Slacker!!

Anyway - here's one of the best pictures (in my opinion of course) from the last couple of days. Still working on the rest.

Dunno yet if I'll bother taking the cameras to footy today. Might enjoy just watching a  game although when I look at my recent "football image" efforts, I could probably do with the practice!

Right - that'll do for now. Going to sort a couple of things out for work tomorrow. More follows ASAP.

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