Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Weekend....

As already advised, Saturday we went to Ford for a wander by the small fishing pond. Twas nice!
The half frozen pond (Note - nobody fishing!!)

 "Lunch by the Lake!"

"Wish that flippin' blackbird would clear off. I'm hungry!"

 "If I get behind this branch, that bloke with the camera can't see me."

And this afternoon, we nipped up to what has become one of our favourite spots - Redmires Dam, on the outskirts of Sheffield. I've never seen the top dam so full. We had bit of a wander and although it was very cold, it was really relaxing.

I took the cameras of course and got some nice shots of seagulls in flight. Those are the next editing job. We also saw a couple of water voles and a grouse (besides me!) but I couldn't get a really good shot of him as he was a bit too far away. Anyway, I'll show you the landscape, birds and voles when I get a minute!

I did forget to mention that in the last week, I have offered my services as Registrar for the Sheffield & District Junior Sunday League, Under-10 section. The previous Registrar resigned and I volunteered (with some encouragement from the Duchess - but don't worry, the arm she twisted up my back is almost healed now!)

It was something of a baptism of fire! Two nights of heavy frost resulted in a flood of e-mails from the various teams telling me that games were postponed. All have to be updated on the Junior League website and although that's no major task, it got to the point where I was only very reluctantly checking e-mails in case another pile had arrived! Actually, I'm very fortunate in that The Duchess has been involved with the Junior League for years (and years) and so I have the very best teacher.

Next week will be very busy. Monday and Tuesday I'll be in training sessions on the new sales order processing and invoicing system we're introducing at work. Two days a week for the next three weeks actually. Thursday and Friday, we have visitors from India at the plant and I will be hosting, chauffering and (hopefully) selling them summat!

Next Saturday is my 62nd birthday. The Duchess and I are also sponsoring the match ball at the Belper home game v Newcastle Town and the best birthday present would be three points please! Incidentally, did you know that January 21st was also Benny Hill's birthday? Many people believe there's a certain serendipity in that fact!

So - time to post might be limited but we'll see. For now.

See Yer!

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