Monday, 14 January 2013

A small sigh of relief....

Just got the repair estimate for my camera/lens.
Report says the camera body is undamaged but the lens repair will cost £606 including VAT.
The cost should be covered on my Contents Insurance and I'm about to call R&SA to sort it out because since Jessops went broke, the administrators have told the camera repairers to deal directly with me.
My policy says "Full Replacement Value" so I'm hoping to get a new lens (cost around £750 to £850 depending where you get it) instead of repairing the old one. Whichever way, there's a £100 excess so I'll still be out of pocket but not by as much as I could have been.
Incidentally - the company who've been dealing with the problem is called:

PJ Camera Repairs Ltd
10B Watlands View
Phone:  01782 711 990
Their service so far has been excellent. Friendly and quick - just like you need!
Give them your support if you need estimates/repairs!


Mike Smith said...

Glad the camera's OK Ken - now get back to (snapper) work !!!!!!

Nortoner said...

Looking forward to it Mike! Haven't taken a picture in 13 days although I could use the 300D which is in my bag - but ISO max only 1600 so not best for floodlight footy.
Waiting insurance company to say if I get a new lens or a repair so kit is still with repairers