Friday, 4 January 2013

Remind me not to tempt fate....

Remember my "are you superstitious" blog entry and one of the closing comments, quote "Wonder what breaks next?", end quote.
Well guess what - Wednesday 2nd January 2013, I managed to drop the camera and the 24 to 105mm "kit lens" is now knackered.
I'm sorting it out through my contents insurance policy. The lens is definitely damaged - the "zoom ring" won't "zoom" - or at least it will but it's very stiff and when the lens is presented to the body, the bayonet fitting is also very stiff. I managed to get the lens off the camera after I'd dropped it and I've fitted and used the 100mm fixed and the 70 to 200mm with no apparent problems but I want to make sure the body isn't internally damaged.
Anyway - the camera and lens will be collected by a representative of Jessops (the insurance company use Jessops as their "camera inspections and repair" agents) and they will report back to the insurers  on what can be repaired or needs replacing. The insurance company explained that anything up to £1,000 can be authorised by phone but anything over that and they will send a claims assessor to interview me.
The lens sells for about £800 so if it's just that, it will be repaired or replaced and the bill will go to the insurers but the body sells for around £3,000 so that would need further discussion! Since the policy allows a max of £2,912 on any "single valuable claim" - it's based on a percentage of the buildings cover -  it might be a very expensive mishap.
I now await a call to say when the gear will be picked up.
Incidentally, I was bemoaning my run of bad luck to my son and he's given me something of a bollocking about my suggestion it's all linked to breaking a mirror. He says the series of events is just coincidence and part of life's general curiosities. (He did also add that if my daughter-in-law hears me talking like that she will kick my butt! She hates negativity basically. They are both probably right - they usually are!)
So - I'll get back to my sulking now (but don't tell our lad!)

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