Thursday, 10 January 2013

Here's a thought.....

...Jessops went into administration yesterday.
On Monday - their appointed repair agent (PJ Camera Repairs)  collected my camera for inspection and damage report to Jessops/Royal and Sun Alliance.
As a result of entering administration, Jessops are not honouring vouchers issued as competition  prizes and, I assume, vouchers issued as  replacement value by insurers.
I've called R&SA and they've told me that although they are not sure what is happening as far as the relationship with Jessops goes, they (or at least the Claims handler I spoke to) are sure everything will be sorted out and not to worry.
Not to worry. Hmmmm. Wouldn't you?

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Mike Smith said...

Check inside trousers Ken ! Seriously though - the fall-back has to be in the hands of your insurers as that's who your contract is with. The fact they're using a - now defunct - company is not your problem.

Well that's the way I see it anyway. Fingers crossed !