Sunday, 20 January 2013

I Hate Winter!

Pain in the bum!
I decided on Friday that I wasn't clearing the drive to get the car out for our "half day shift" at work so called in and booked a "holiday day."
We had done the supermarket run on Thursday evening (along with a lot of other folk if the empty bread shelves were anything to go by) so had no reason to venture out.
We had another small problem with the central heating boiler to sort out though! The damn thing started making peculiar noises and then lit up the "reset" switch.
I contacted the installers who told me the "condensation vent" had become blocked with ice so just nip outside and pour boiling water on it. (The vent actually connects to a pipe which goes under our back door step.) That sorted it OK - until later in the evening when it dropped cold again and the problem came back.
Anyway - we put our heads together and came up with a temporary fix. (It's worked up to now anyway!)
After defrosting the pipe again, we got an old blanket and cut it into strips which we wrapped around the plastic pipe to keep it warm, then to keep it dry, we covered the blanket with a combination of black bags and a sheet of polythene which had been on a new mattress the Duchess ordered a bit ago. (Never throw owt away - tha never nose when it'll come in 'andy!)
And - to be fair - I use the royal "we". The Duchess did most of the pipe wrapping whilst I held the torch.... Shocking innit!
When we can get to Wickes or B&Q, we'll have a look for proper pipe lagging alternatives but as I said - the temporary fix seems to be holding out.
Haven't done anything much else this weekend apart from a walk down to the local Morrisons supermarket this afternoon to get the "Birthday Buns" for work tomorrow.
Since it's my birthday tomorrow - I am required to take the "Birthday Buns" to work. Suppose I could always book another day off although I don't think that would go down very well!!
OK - roast chicken smells are drifting up from the kitchen so I'm off - see yer later.

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