Saturday, 5 January 2013

To quote Victor Meldrew - "I don't BELIEVE it!"

Called in  at our sister company at Dronfield on the way home from work Friday (early finish still feels good!)
Dropped off what I needed to drop off and headed for home, 5 minutes drive away. On the way, would you believe, I had an accident! I drove into the back of the car in front as we entered the Bowshaw roundabout.
Traffic was just heavy enough to make us wait for a gap. A gap appeared so I glanced forward and saw the car in front had started to move off. I glanced again to my right and estimated there was still enough time for me to go as well so I accelerated, looked forward and he had stopped. Bang!
My fault, we exchanged insurance details and I went back to our sister company's office to see the boss and report. The car is driveable but there's cosmetic damage to the front grill and bumper.
Another incident I could do without..... wonder when my luck will turn?
And btw - the insurers are picking up the 5D and lens from work on Monday. They'll check out the lens (which as I said is totally screwed) and also the body (which I am really hoping isn't damaged.)
Football today - Belper Town away at Rainworth. Looking forward to that - I think!

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