Friday, 19 December 2008

Plan C Worked!!!!!

Having failed in my attempts to get to the Meadowhall Mall on Tuesday - Plan C was put into place last night.

Bus from home to the City Centre then Tram down to Meadowhall, return by the same route! It worked like a dream! The Mall was busy but I didn't have to queue for anything, got the three things I went for and let public transport take the strain of getting home.

This is "Supertram!"

The transport fare structure puzzled me though! Bus from Norton to City - cost £2. Got on the tram and asked for a single to Meadowhall. "£2.10" said the lady, adding "Are you coming back on the Tram?" When I confirmed this she said - "Buy an 'All Day Saver' - it's £3.50, and will save you 70 pence!" Good Deal!

Mission accomplished, I arrived back in the city and caught a bus to Norton. I offered up £2 to the driver. "It's a quid" (that's £1 sterling for my overseas readers) sez he. "I paid £2 to get here earlier." I said. "Well", sez he "it's Thursday and it's after 7 o'clock so it's cheaper" adding, a little unnecessarily I thought "You won't get that fare tomorrow."

(I did actually tell him I wouldn't need that fare tomorrow cos I wouldn't be catching a bus! This was, I concede, perhaps a little harsh and unnecessary also but after all, he started it!)

Anyway - Job Done and I can finish off the "Bits & Pieces" shopping at my leisure over the next few days! Terrific!

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