Monday, 15 December 2008

Time Flies.......

...whether you're having fun or not!

Another busy week with little time to post - again. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

The New Year is approaching and there are things like year end sales statistics and 2009 sales forecasts to be created. There is no doubt the "crunch" is beginning to bite and next year is going to be tough! Even so, I reckon that though it'll be tough - we'll get through it!
Right - pseudo-evangelical spouting stops...... you can all read enough depressing news in the papers and on TV without me adding my two pennorth. (Penerth? pennerth? penceworth?. -whatever - you know what I mean!)

I'm missing football!. Me and the Duchess haven't made the pilgrimage to Belper since the last Saturday in November. On 6th December the game was away, at Gresley, and we didn't travel, the next match, on Tuesday 9th December was postponed because of a frozen pitch and Saturday 13th was cancelled because of a waterlogged pitch!

There's another game tomorrow (16th) as Belper begin the defence of the Derbyshire Senior Cup they won last season but I'll be experiencing the delights of Christmas Shopping at Meadowhall. (Boy - do I know how to have fun or what!!)

I'll let you know the outcome of the shopping trip. Watch this space!


Snappers Sideways View said...

Good thing you didn't travel to Quorn on December 6th Kenneth - we were all at Gresley !!!! ;-)

Nortoner said...

Sorry Tim? You said what?! ;-)