Saturday, 20 December 2008

What Has Politics to do With Football?

Two instances of "outside interference" made me angry in the last couple of weeks.....

First of all - the saga of the Chris Morgan/Ian Hume incident which seems to drag on and on. Whatever your opinions, the FA's decision (which basically confirmed Morgan had not made a deliberate attempt to seriously injure another player) was made and for what it is worth, even as a Sheffield Wednesday supporter with no love for Morgan or the Blades, I happen to agree with it.

However, because a Barnsley supporting MP decides he doesn't agree, he and a couple of others from Barnsley tabled an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons, demanding that the FA be ordered to investigate the matter again. (And therfore, by suggestion, amend the decision to one he WOULD like.)

Secondly - the ongoing tale of the FA Cup replay between Droylsden and Chesterfield FC. Our local paper reported this week that a Chesterfield Counciller has written to Droylsden, suggesting they forfeit the tie because when the second abandonment occured, almost 75 minutes had been played, Chesterfield were winning 2 - 0 and coasting and therefore Droylsden would have lost anyway!

Why can't these politicians (at "junior" and "senior" levels) concentrate on the job they are paid to do - that is in the case of MP's - trying to sort out the mess the country's finances are in. A letter in our local paper suggested these people are never heard of when there is a matter like Child Protection Department failures, Health Service failures and so on, essentially because there is no self-publicity in that sort of area.

I was told many years ago that all politicians are like bananas. They start out green and straight and end up bent and yellow!

Incidentally, it was mind blowing to hear Lee "Rico Out" Richardson, the Chesterfield Manager, bleating after the second abandonment. In his opinion, the game could have continued because not all of the floodlights failed and it was unfair (and he implied, underhand) because Chesterfield were winning.

Contrast this with his comments after the first abandonment, because of fog, when Droylsden were winning 1 - 0. He said, quote. "It's unfortunate but Droylsden will just have to accept it as we would have done if we had been winning when the game was stopped." End quote! Maybe when he writes his autobiography (probably a 10-page pamphlet) he should call it "The Two Faces of Lee Richardson." Or he could become a politician of course when he gets the push at Chessie!

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