Friday, 5 December 2008

The week just flew by.....

It's been one of "those" weeks with, sadly, no time to post!!
Monday - 1st full day back in the office after a trip - It's rumoured there's a desk under that pile of paper that has gathered in my absence.
Tuesday - all morning with Brazilian visitors on a "plant tour."
Wednesday - Late start and early finish because the car needed servicing - apart from that, a full day at the desk and some paper cleared!
Thursday - rush hour blizzard meant a 20 minute drive to work took an hour and 10 minutes (I was amazed at the "slagging off" the gritters got!! In Sheffield anyway - the slow traffic and queues were due to the fact that everybody used the main routes rather than the "rat runs". Can't expect every single inch of every street in a city this size to be gritted and ploughed!)
Friday - a day off and I'm also taking Monday as well - to make a well-earned and richly deserved long weekend. More follows as I relax into said weekend!

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Snappers Sideways View said...

Weekends over Kenneth - wheres the post????