Sunday, 6 September 2009

Belper Town 2 - 0 Carlton Town

Back to some sort of normality on Saturday! After the midweek "Cup Upset", Belper returned to League action with a 2 - 0 win over high-flying Carlton Town.

Man of the Match Dean Oliver takes on a Carlton defender

The rest of my effort is here:
I say "effort" because it isn't one of my best albums! I didn't get pictures of any of the key moments, including a penalty to Belper, a Carlton player red-carded as a result of the foul which gave away the pen, Belper's 2nd goal.....

And Tim Harrison shot off on his hols directly after the game so I can't link you to his album until he gets back so you'll have to bear with me!

It's been a great weekend - my son and his wife are over in the UK for the week and arrived at ours about an hour before we got back from the match. It was great to catch up last evening and we'll do more of that later in the week because this morning, they set off for a couple of days in the Lake District (my daughter-in-law, coming from Holland, just loves hills because she doesn't get to see many in Rotterdam!!)

They are back in Sheffield on Wednesday evening having returned via Scarborough and Otley (I know - Otley - don't ask - it's a long tale which I'll tell you about later!)

It's a "Maintenance Shutdown Week" at work next week so there are only a couple of us in the office and only a small maintenance crew in the plant. I've organised to work Monday to Thursday (8 til noon - mornings only) so it shouldn't be too hard a week. I'm there simply to acknowledge any faxes or e-mails from customers/suppliers who haven't read the circular "We're Shut Next Week" notices we sent out.

Anyway - it's "mashing time" or "brewing time" depending where you come from so I'll go and make the Duchess a cup of tea and see if there's anything remotely worth watching on TV (although I'm not holding my breath!)


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