Monday, 28 September 2009

Monday catch up.....

We took a trip to Belper on Saturday to watch the reserves draw 1 - 1 with Staveley MW.

Wasn't a classic but enjoyable all the same. The Belper team included 5 players from the 1st team squad and some good football was played, particularly in the 2nd half as the players, I guess, "got used" to one another.

My photo album from the game is here:

I was surprised that Tom Pressman - son of Kevin and the "regular" reserve keeper - was not there but learned he has signed for Buxton and was pushed straight into their first team because their keeper had tonsilitis!!

Andy Fretwell was his understudy and played very well. I don't think the reserve team management crew have anything to worry about but I wonder how many other clubs have lost both 1st and 2nd choice keepers in the space of about a week!

It was a fine day, sunny but cool, and once again, we stopped at Bakewell for fish & chips. Didn't hang around long after we'd eaten them though - it "dropped cold" very quickly as the sun went down.

Sunday - in the morning, sorted out the pictures from Saturdays game and published the album above then after lunch, went out in the garden for a couple of hours "tidying up." The Duchess cooked Roast Pork with Yorkshire pud and all the trimmings which as usual at Nortoner Towers, was eaten around 6 pm (A relic from the days when our son played Sunday football, we always ate "Sunday Dinner" in the early evening after all the "football business" was sorted during the rest of the day.)

So - Monday rushes around before you know it but..... "Squirrel Trapper" strikes again!

My post before last reported the "trap and release" programme (with regard to squirrels), currently in operation on the Nortoner Towers Estate - well today - late afternoon, we trapped another of the little blighters! After eating our evening meal, we drove out to Porter Clough, near Ringinglow and let the thing loose up there. The trap will be reset tomorrow evening and hopefully, we'll get rid of another one of the vermin. (There are at least 2 more roaming around.)

Tomorrow evening it's Belper Town v Shepshed Dynamo in a league game and we'll be off down there to hopefully see a Belper win. Ther are no guarantees because the team's form has been a little inconsistent although last time out, against Sheffield FC, Belper played some of their best football of the season.

We'll see (and I will report as usual.)


Dave said...

Oh dear Ken- send 'em here.....yummy :-)

Nortoner said...

Haha - no chance Dave - it's catch & release - (mainly cos I ain't got the bottle to shoot 'em!)

Dave said...

We've got Red squirrels at Freshfield pine woods mate, and they're getting scarcer and scarcer. The grey would happily get shot/necked/ generally "done away with" if you fetched some up here! They're classed as much vermin as rats in some quarters.

some good video on this one :-