Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Catch up -

- with the last couple of days for anyone who is interested.

We went to Belper on Saturday to see Belper draw 2 - 2 with Sheffield FC. It wasn't a bad game and a draw was probably a fair result, although Belper did have what seemed to me a "legal" goal disallowed and Sheffield scored in the 6th of 5 extra minutes to draw the game. (The ref indicated 5 mins added time but played nearly 7!)

Danny Hudson scored a lovely headed goal to make it 1 - 1:

And I went a little bit "mad" with the camera, finishing up,with about 230 photos of the game. The best of them (about 49) are here:

As usual, link to the Belper website on the right for a proper match report.

Sunday was spent editing the photos, creating and publishing the album above and then I was out in the garden, cutting the hedge which runs down the side of the drive. I don't really mind cutting the hedge - it's all the tidying up afterwards that's a pain in the bum and technically, it's not my hedge anyway.

The young fella who lives next door is supposed to be responsible for it but I can't leave it to him. It's already twice the height it was when he moved in and it's hard to cut it properly without the use of stepladders.

Settling back into work yesterday after a long weekend was always going to be difficult but you get through it don't you? No choice if I wanna keep enjoying long weekends and day trips out!

Oh well - better go and see if I can sell some steel......

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