Friday, 4 September 2009

Friday afternoon thoughts....

..on the week just passed.

As I said - Belper Town were dumped out of the FA Cup by Holbrook MW on Tuesday evening but the replay was apparently badly tarnished by scenes of violence at the end of the game. Reportedly (and I wasn't there so I have to rely on reports) a Holbrook "reserve" ran on to the pitch at the end of the game to "get at" Ben Walker, the Belper striker. In this guy's opinion, apparently, Ben had got one of their players dismissed for a head butt. Belper coach Gary Middleton intervened to stop the attempted assault and got a head butt in the face for his trouble, (again - apparently.)

The Holbrook manager, "didn't see it" but it is reported elsewhere that the guy involved is suspended pending an enquiry by the club.

Snapper Harrison's pictures (including shots of the scuffles at the end) are here....
And as ever - link to the Belper website and read two reports on events that evening.

Anyway - that's gone now and the next game is tomorrow - Carlton Town at home - and that won't be easy. Carlton have just been awarded "Team of the Month" for August and so will be flying I would expect. In contrast, the Belper players seem to be lacking in confidence at the minute but we just hope they're fired up after the cup exit and can get off to the good start they'll need. We'll see.

Rest of the week? Only a couple of things to report. The Duchess was at a Junior League Meeting on Tuesday evening and a Girls League Meeting Thursday night . I had a mild dose of the trots earlier in the week (which is why I missed the cup replay) and whilst Sheila was in her meeting on Thursday, I wandered around Meadowhall and with my usual keen eye, picked up a Logitech webcam and "free bonus headset" for £9.97 at WH Smith. RRP? £39.99!! Bargain or Wot!!

For some reason, my old webcam and microphone don't work with the new PC and since the Duchess and I use these items (and Skype) to keep in touch when I'm travelling, we needed a replacement. Anyway - got my bargain home and found the "free bonus headset" is a single "iPod-type" earpiece with a small microphone on the same cable. Really "fiddly" and the connection to the PC is a "dual wire" which means we'd have to unplug the speakers everytime we wanted to use the mike.

So - the "bargain" goes on eBay next week (might get £15 for it d'you think?) and I will revert to plan A which was to get a Microsoft webcam with built in mike for £19.99.

Being creatures of habit - it's off to the chippy in about half an hour then a relaxing Friday evening spent allowing the beef & onion pie and chips to slowly digest whilst not having to fret about work tomorrow. I think Friday evening is probably the highlight of my week. (Sad, I know, but generally, I'm a simple soul who is easily pleased!)

Report on tomorrow's game follows ASAP!

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