Friday, 25 September 2009

It's all 'Appening!

Been a busy week on the Belper Town front!

Knocked out of the League Cup on Tuesday evening (2 -1 , away at Mickleover) - match report through the Belper Town link as always and pics by Tim Harrison are here:
Before the game, goalkeeper Leigh Walker announced that would be his last game as he was re-joining Sheffield FC! The Sheffield FC statement says he only joined Belper because he saw there was instability at Sheffield FC and Belper were in a serious push for promotion. The statement adds that "since Leigh has never won a medal in football and Belper were pushing for promotion, he left with our blessing."

Now I'm not one to pass comment as you know but the phrase "Glory Hunter" initially sprang to my mind! Interesting too that last Saturday Leigh had what I thought was one of his best ever games for Belper Town. Our opposition that day? Sheffield FC. Hmmmmm..... as they say!

Anyway - he's gone and we've signed a guy called Martin Kearney whose former clubs include Alfreton, Hucknall and, rather ironically, Sheffield FC. The management duo have also served a "7-day" notice on Adam Ogden, who was our goalkeeper a couple of seasons ago. Andy Carney reckons he wants two strong goalkeepers (he's correct again of course) and that's why we've signed Martin and put in an approach for Adam.

So as I said - it's all 'appening on the footie front. Work has picked up a little too this last couple of days and although we are way off being out of the mire yet, there are encouraging signs that the market for our hollow steel might just be picking up a bit. We'll see.

Plans for the weekend? Belper Town Reserves v Staveley MW tomorrow (the first team have no game) and gardening again Sunday. Got several areas of the Norton Towers Estate to sort out.

By the way - can't recall if I mentioned it but we have been plagued by squirrels this last 2 years and the little swines have been gnawing away at the lead on the flat roof of my kitchen bay window. I only had the thing re-leaded last year and it cost me the guts of £1500 so I am more than a little dischuffed.

Strange thing is this week we found dead squirrels in the garden, on 2 consecutive days. Not a mark on 'em but 2 rigid corpses required disposal. Don't know if it's lead poisoning or if a neighbour has been putting down poison.

Anyway - some months back, I bought a "squirrel trap" but up until this week, I haven't bothered to try it out. Set it up Wednesday evening though and it worked a treat - I'd left the trap by the garden hedge with a few peanuts inside and this morning, there was a squirrel trapped in there! (Think it's the "Big Old Daddy" who's been causing most of the damage.)

So - this afternoon, after I finished work (did I tell you we finish early on Fridays now - It's ACE!!) me and the Duchess took a drive to the outskirts of Sheffield and released the little blighter in a wooded area on the edge of the city! (I had planned to shoot it with my BB gun but bottled out at the last minute.) That means we've seen the back of three of the little sods in one week - and the trap will be reset over the weekend!

I know some people think they're all fluffy and cute but they ain't, I promise you. Vicious little b*st*rds who cause damage to house and garden. "Tree rats" is all they are and this is confirmed by the fact that they can be legally killed because they're officially classed as vermin.

Right - steak and chips for tea again - the Duchess is preparing it as I type and there are some mouth-watering aromas drifting up the stairs.... See Yer!

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