Wednesday, 16 September 2009

A couple of days off.....

I decided that since I worked 4 mornings last week when everyone else was off, I'd book a couple of days off this week.

So - tomorrow and Friday are the allotted days and I shall complete my working week at 4:30 this afternoon! Can't wait!

The basic plan is a visit to Accrington tomorrow and depending on the weather, somewhere else photogenically worthwhile on the way back home. Not that I'm saying Accrington is not photogenic - I wouldn't know - I've never been. It's just that there is a shop there called Topaz Crafts which the Duchess wouldn't mind having a look at so as it's "somewhere to go" on a day off, we'll do it tomorrow and then work our way back to Sheffield as the mood takes us. I LOVE unplanned days!

Friday - who knows - that may yet be another "unplanned" day out but we'll see. I'll report back later.

Not much of note has happeened since Sunday. Work is still slow but we have seen something of an upturn I guess. (When you start from zero, one is an improvement though innit!)

We have a server based network here and all of last week and most of this, the "system" has been down. We've been having back-up problems for a while and as the plant was closed all of last week, it seemed a good time to thoroughly investigate so our IT guy has uninstalled all the files and software and done a complete "start from scratch" reinstallation job. We'll see if the problem recurs!

Anyway - lunchtime over - time for all of us to get back on our heads......

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