Sunday, 18 October 2009

Belper Reserves 1 - 0 Shirebrook

Looks like we chose the right option yesterday! Whilst Belper Town's 1st team were losing 2 - 1 at Mickleover, we watched the reserves win an interesting game at the Meadow.

It was almost spoiled by the most inept referee I think I've seen this season. And here's another sight not often seen these days - a chain-smoking manager (of Shirebrook of course!)

The Belper lads put on a very good show and deserved the win - another 3 points in what's becoming a very successful season for manager Jon and his assistant Darren.

The rest of my photographic effort is here:

I've not been well this week and at the risk of boring you with my problems......

Tuesday evening, I got a pain in my right side, like the worst "stitch" you've ever had, After 2 Ibuprofen pills and an evening at Belper Town FC, the pain had gone but it returned at various times on Wednesday and Thursday, each time getting a little more intense. I was popping 6 Ibuprofen a day and so thought perhaps I'd better find out what was wrong.

I managed to get to see the lovely Dr Wood at our local surgery around 5 pm on Friday and she diagnosed from a urine sample that I probably have a kidney stone which was "on the move." So - it was off down the chemists to get a prescription filled.

One of the pills is an antibiotic (because she thinks I might also have a renal infection), one is a very strong painkiller and the third is to stop the painkiller damaging my stomach. I've also got to go for an Ultrasound scan a week on Monday. She wants me to drink "gallons" of water and keep "peeing for England!" Apparently, I could well "pee out" the stone (if it is one) but the pain level during it's passing will depend on how big the thing is!

Touch wood - since I took the first pills on Friday evening, the pain has not returned at all and up to now, I've only needed one dose of the painkiller. I'm hoping the scan reveals a small stone or none at all. Can't wait!

Anyway - Monday tomorrow and it's back to work. Last week was the best we've had since August 2008 in terms of new orders booked but the trick is to repeat that feat next week (not highly likely) or continue to struggle through to the end of the year and hope for an upturn in 2010.

We'll see..... the next exciting instalment follows......

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