Sunday, 11 October 2009

Return to Winning Ways..

Belper 4 - 0 Spalding..... Saturday 10th October 2009.

Ben Walker's header makes it 3 - 0:

That's better! OK, so Spalding were no great shakes but this was a confidence-boosting win and just as importantly - a confidence-lifting performance.

We were a bit concerned when first of all, Danny Hudson limped off after 5 minutes and then, after 20 minutes of almost incessant pressure on the Spalding goal, it was still 0-0. But Andy Rushbury, (who rejoined us a couple of weeks ago after a spell in Australia) smashed home a volley to make it 1 - 0 and we were on our way.

Almost immediately, Ant Wilson was pushed over in the penalty area and Adam Burley converted the kick to make it 2-0 and to all intents and purposes, game over.

Second half - again after a lot of pressure, Ben Walker popped up to head home a cross from the right and it was 3 - 0. Final goal was scored by substitute Luke Fedorenko who struck an excellent cross- shot into the bottom corner.

My photo-album of the game is here:

And if you click on the Belper Town link on the right you'll find a full match report and then, if you click on "Forum", you'll find Snapper Harrisons pics.

Next up is Sheffield FC, at home on Tuesday evening, in the Unibond Presidents Cup competition. That will be a much tougher contest but if we play as we did on Saturday - it shouldn't be a major problem.

And an interesting look back at the past.....

The days since my 150th post have been busy! Most important event of the week though was my more or less monthly evening spent with my friend Jack Hobson.

I'm sure I've mentioned Jack before - he was my boss when I joined the company I work for and although he retired in 1978, we've kept in touch. He's 93 years old and still independent. Living alone, he makes 2 or 3 trips per year to see his daughter in Canada. He travels alone with the only assistance coming from a nephew who drives him to Manchester airport and back.

We are both heavily into family history but Jack has done way more research than me. Part of our chat on Thursday evening centred on an e-mail I'd had from a young man who was researching his family tree and had an old photograph which he believed had been taken at John Bedford & Sons Ltd, on Mowbray Street in Sheffield (where I started my time with the company.)

John Bedford & Sons became Bedford Steels in 1972 but the company has existed since 1792 and the young man wanted to know if we could confirm the location of the photograph and if we knew anyone in it. After Jack had studied the picture he was able to say for sure that it was taken in the works at Bedfords and seemed to be of the staff and workforce of the Engineers File Manufacturing Department.

He guessed the date was 1932 or 1933 - (he started work in 1930 when he was 14!) and although he recognised several faces, he couldn't name anybody except one guy sitting at the extreme end of the front row. The fellow's name was Booth and Jack was so sure of his identity because they lived in the same area and had gone to the same school together!

I sent the info I had to the young fella and he was delighted. He sent a further copy of the picture showing which man was his great grandad and was very pleased to get confirmation of the picture's locartion.

My good deed for the week!

Nothing else to report - except that it is now 3 pm on Sunday afternoon and since I have been sitting in front of the PC since about 9:30 a.m., I think I'd better go and say "hello" to the Duchess!!!

See Yer Later!

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