Friday, 2 October 2009

So, anyway... the rest of the week....

Tuesday evening - we went to watch Belper v Shepshed in a Unibond 1 South League game. The game finished 1-1 and it was a quite enthralling contest.

The first half display was one of the worst I've seen from Belper Town - Shepshed were quicker to the ball, worked harder and well deserved their 1 - 0 lead at half time. The second half was much better as Belper stepped up the pace and after the equaliser, Shepshed suffered a period of very heavy pressure with Belper hitting the cross bar twice. Their keeper made a couple of very good saves late on too. Still - wasn't to be and the spoils were shared.

There was some moaning during the game (a bit from me too I admit) but - in the cold light of day - Belper Town are 7th in the league, 6 points behind the leaders with 3 games in hand, have only lost 1 league game this season and they have the best defensive record in the division. No team has conceded fewer goals. That's at least comparable to the start last season and I suspect that had this situation been offered before the start, we'd have "snatched their hands off!"

The game was blighted to some degree by another very poor performance from the referee. He seemed to make his prime objective the booking of Anthony Wilson. He achieved his ambition when Willo jumped for a ball, the defender jumped into him and they landed in a heap on the ground. Result - free-kick against Willo and a yellow card.

In the clubhouse afterwards, we set up this photo to sum up the fans feelings about the match officials' display

Apart from this shot, I had an absolute "mare" with the camera and there are perhaps 5 or 6 pictures worth saving from around 100 I took during the course of the game. My excuse is I'm still getting used to the new camera but I've had a couple of thoughts (and sneaked a look at the properties on some of Snappers pictures to see what settings he used - have a look for yourself here:

and so we'll see what the next "night match" brings.

Nothing much to report from the rest of the week - The Duchess had a Girls Junior League Meeting last night and her car got through the MOT on Wednesday, but aside from that - another week has slipped by with a marked lack of excitement.

No footy for us this weekend. Belper Town are in an FA Trophy game at Clitheroe, 75 miles from here and just too far to contemplate and although the reserves are at home, the weather forecast is "wet and windy" with gusts to 60 mph so I think Nortoner and The Duchess will be "at home" this weekend!

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