Friday, 2 October 2009

There are some ungrateful gits in this world.....

I haven't had a good old moan in ages - so here's one.

Last Saturday, as I said, we watched Belper Town Reserves v Staveley.

Whilst I was happily wandering around, "snapping away" looking for the best angles. I was approached by a gent who asked me if I could do him a special favour and try to get a couple of action shots of the Staveley Number 9. He explained that he had no action shots of the lad in question and so wanted me to take some and e-mail his secretary with them so they could get prints.

Being the kindly soul I am, I made it my mission to get said pictures and, I thought I did a good job.

Anyway, long story short, I spent part of Sunday morning "Photoshopping" and tarting up 4 images and sent them, as 4 separate e-mails, to the address I'd been given.
That was last Sunday - it's now Friday - I've not even had a note back saying "They were crap."

Ungrateful sod.

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