Sunday, 25 October 2009

Not the best week I've had.....

...apart from watching Belper Town beat Brigg 2 - 0 on Tuesday evening which was definitely the highlight. Tim Harrison's excellent photo album is here:
I didn't take my camera - just fancied watching a game "normally" for a change rather than through a lens.

My last post said I'd had no pain since visiting the docs on the previous Friday - well - I spoke too soon! Woke with the pain on Wednesday and Friday mornings, although a pee and a pill seemed to sort it out.

However, I've generally felt "crap" with sometimes a temperature but mostly just plain tired. Don't know if it's the medication or, more likely, the fact that following the docs advice, I'm drinking "gallons" of fluid every day and so have made a couple of "wee hours" visits to the loo (sorry about the unintentional pun!!) Yesterday, I also developed a pain in my left shouder, around the area of the shoulder blade and so Saturday late afternoon was spent generally trying to find a comfortable position to sit, stand or lie down. I actually went for a kip on Saturday afternoon and the pain came on after that so I think I've "slept funny" as my ma used to say!

Codeine seems to be sorting it and I think I'm a bit better this morning.

This is why I haven't posted before now - I was/am poorly!!!

It's been another busy week at work and in terms of new orders, October is now the best month we've had since September 2008 and there is still a week to go. The plant is still on short time but the time is not as short as it was a month ago if you get my drift.

There's not much else to say just now - no football yesterday - the 1st team were at Kidsgrove which we decided is a bit of a trek - and the reserves were away at Little Eaton. The weather was wet and windy and cos I'm not well, we didn't bother with that either.

The 1st team lost 1-2 and the Reserves won 5-4 after extra time in a Divisonal cup tie. Reports will appear on the Belper web site and Forum as usual if you wanna look.

Anyway - I'm going to get another cuppa and listen to the Archers Omnibus on Radio 4 so - see yer later!


Dave said...

Oh dear Ken mate. I hope things perk up for you soon mate (I take it Sheila's giving you loads of TLC) Not like you to not be full of beans. The medication should kick in properly soon, if not, go back and tell them to change it?
This weekend I've become a culinary genius....I've had a free weekend where I've not had to do anything important. So, I turned my hand to a stew..full job, dumplings etc. Today for when my lovely missus gets in from work, I have rustled a suasage casserole together, with my speciality dish....scones!!!! as a dessert. I hasten to add, these things are pronounced like them there red/white things all over the motorways, not "scon"...grr, I hate that!
Anyway, hope you don't end up like the poor old chap in T'Archers- we don't want "The Special One" in a home!!! ;-) take care mate. Love to Sheila xx

Dave said...

PS....can you see that Robin, can you???????