Saturday, 3 April 2010

Not a great weekend so far.....

I worked on Good Friday (well - I was AT work) which meant we couldn't go to Grantham v Belper yesterday afternoon. Probably just as well. Belper lost 4-2, Ant Wilson was sent off for violent conduct (so his season is probably over) and Tim Harrisons pics:

show the absolutely appalling weather conditions.

After the supermarket run this morning, Saturday has been spent sorting through the 22,000-odd photos on my PC (well - I have been taking pictures for 35 years so that doesn't seem an unreasonable number does it?) Weather can't seem to make it's mind up - sunny one minute then threatening heavy rain next minute.

Listening to Sheffield Wednesday at QPR on Radio Sheffield. Losing 1-0 and looking like we'll never score apparently.

Not a lot else happening - Oh Yeah - I went for a pre-operation assessment at the Hallamshire Hospital on Thursday. They are now to decide when they want me in to shift this kidney stone. The assessment lasted almost 3 hours and they took blood samples, urine samples, MRSA swabs, blood pressure and I was weighed and had an ECG.

I came home with about 5 separate brochures which explain rules for hospital visitors (cos I might be in overnight), spinal anaesthetics, what a stent is (basically, a temporary drainage tube, fitted after the op), info of the Theatre Admissions Unit, info on reducing infection risk.. all information which must now be given to patients "just in case" as the staff nurse put it!

Anyway - I'll leave you with a photo..... one of the 22,000 I particularly like...

And Wednesday have just equalised..... and the sun is out!

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