Monday, 26 April 2010

Busy weekend

With our son Mark arriving from Rotterdam on Friday morning, it's been a busy weekend! Tell you more later but here's a taster .....

Belper Town won their last game of the season - nice photos to be found at:

and then there's my effort at:

And whilst on the subject of pics - here's a couple from the Bauma 2010 show I attended last week:
Our booth at the show (P&V and Bedford Steels)

On the way back, we stayed at the Red Horse (Cheval Rouge) near Metz in France....

Listen carefully, I shall show these only once......

Sign outside my bedroom window

The Red 'Orse

The square at Sainte-Menehould, from my room window
 (but couldn't see Rene Artois!)

Anyway - lunchtime over - back to work - more follows when I get a chance - or, rather,  IF I get a chance!

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