Sunday, 11 April 2010

A good weekend of footy!

We decided at the last minute on Saturday to go to Mansfield to watch Belper Town Reserves play at Forest Town. The thinking was that the 1st team were at Carlton and since that is one of Belper's bogey grounds (we never get anything there), and Mansfield is a lot nearer Nortoner Towers, and it was getting on for 1:30 pm, we'd go watch the ressies.

The journey (which the sat nav says is 37 minutes), took over an hour and a quarter! We got stuck in a 2.1/2 mile queue on the A617 heading to cross the M1 at Junction 29 and when that cleared, we were held up for a good half hour whilst police recovered 2 cars after a bad smash in Forest Town itself. It was a mess - a BMW had hit a Fiesta side-on at a set of "filtered" traffic lights so it seemed one or the other had jumped the lights.

Anyway - in glorious sunshine, we watched Belper Town Reserves cruise to a 5-0 win over 3rd from bottom Forest Town. It was a perfect day for "snapping" so there's a bigger than usual album here:

One of my better efforts! I'm quite pleased with this one.

After the match we heard the 1st team had actually won 4-2 at Carlton and with other results helping, they are back in the last play off spot. Played more games than anyone else tho but I'd rather have points on the board than  games in hand.

Saturday evening - Barca beat Real Madrid 2-0 and although not a classic by any means, it's always worth watching when Messi steps onto the pitch.

I've been out in the garden all afternoon - the lawnmower had it's first outing of the season - then came inside to watch extra time in the Portsmouth v Spurs FA Cup semi-final. Pompey won 2-0 and to say Harry Redknapp looked miffed would be an understatement!!

Roast Beef and Yorkshire pud for tea - and you're up to date! 

Sundays are sometimes a mixed blessing - good to have a sunny day and a choice of whether to work or play but they are a damn sight too close to Monday morning for me! Now that would be less of a problem if we'd won the Lotto on Saturday night but we didn't - again - so we'll see what next week brings.

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