Sunday, 4 April 2010

Should have been gardening....

... and to be fair, I did a little bit of "weed-killing" but since it's so early in the season, I didn't want to overstretch myself you understand.

I restocked the various bird feeders around the garden and was almost immediately rewarded by a visit from this fella:

A Great Spotted Woodpecker. We've had visits regularly throughout the winter from a couple of these birds. Handsome looking chap but I'm not sure why they're called "Great Spotted". No spots as such that I can see.

Anyway - point of info (or interest - but then again, you may not be interested.) The metal piece at the top of the feeders is a squirrel deterent. If a tree rat tries to slide down the feeder to get at the food, its weight slides the metal sheath down and covers the food! Works a treat!!


Dave said...

Smashing pic Ken, and VERY interesting inded. Was not far from you last night- decided to return from Belper via Snake Pass, and came up to Sheff via Dronfield way.

Nortoner said...

Haha! Cheers Dave.

BTW - if you went home via Dronfield and the Snake, you virtually passed within a mile of Nortoner Towers! Wish I'd known, you could have stopped in for a cuppa!