Friday, 9 April 2010

A very stressful few days...

..but the major cause is recorded somewhere a little less public!

Wednesday evening - Belper Town Reserves v Carlton Reserves in a cup semi final. Sadly Belper lost 1 - 3 and even more sadly, I had another "mare" with the camera. My less than satisfactory record of the game can be found here:

Today it's "early closing" at work then the Duchess has to go to hospital for an X-Ray on the hip that's been causing her problems. Doc's diagnosis is incomplete although it's reckoned there's some fluid on the Duchess' knee and that might be contributing to the hip/ankle problems (making her "walk funny" and distressing the hip.)

After that - "by ear". May go to Meadowhall or the chippy for "tea" we'll see.

As for the weekend - the forecast isn't too bad and both Belper 1st team and reserves are away. If we decide not to travel, there's always the garden...... (I heard the 3rd lawnmower of spring yesterday!)

Fill you in on the details later.


Mike Smith said...

Call that a "mare" Ken ?? You should see the garbage I rolled out last night after Mossley's 2-0 defeat of Woodley ... now THAT'S a "mare" :-)

Nortoner said...

Disagree entirely Smify - and I STILL don't figure how come your pics look so bloody sharp against mine (Even if there were only 14 of yours!) If I had only put up the ones I really considered good enough there wouild have been about 5 or 6!

Mike Smith said...


Not totally "up to speed" on the 50D .. but I believe there's some kind of "micro-adjustment function" where the camera can store different focus settings for different lenses - have you "played" with that at all ??

Nortoner said...

Eeeee Mike Lad! I've only had the camera 9 months and only just figured out how to put "Live View" on - Gissa chance!
Seriously - I think the major mistake I made was shoving the ISO to 6400 and trying to maintain a fast shutter speed. High ISO put more noise in there and with shutter priority making f2.8 almost fixed, some of my focusing was way off. Didn't use Cleqan Image either to reduce noise - but might have a go at that!
(Great news re the interview BTW - fingers crossed!)