Thursday, 29 July 2010

Oh - there is one other thing.....

Yesterday, I got my copy of the monthly Sky TV magazines. (A complete waste of time actually, they just go straight in the blue "recycled paper" bin.)

Ths month's package contained a covering letter, telling me that my monthly subscription would rise by £2.50 per month!!

Then, today - I saw this on the BBC Business News website:

"BSkyB profits from high definition services
Satellite TV group BSkyB has reported a sharp jump in annual profits, driven by new subscriptions, particularly for high definition (HD) services.Pre-tax profit for the year to the end of June came in at £878m, up more than threefold on the £259m the broadcaster made in the previous 12 months.

Revenue also rose to £5.9bn, up more than 10% on the £5.4bn recorded a year earlier.

The company said it had doubled the number of HD customers over the year.

Between April and June, it added 429,000 HD customers, most of which were already Sky subscribers.

The group added 90,000 new customers over the quarter, to reach 9.86 million in total."

"Robbing bastards" is the expression which springs to mind.

Why don't they forget the magazines and knock £2.50 off everyone's subscription. I've never yet met anyone who actually reads them!

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Mike Smith said...

Oi Ken !! I have the "misfortune" to deliver them - keeps me in work mind !!

(and if I want anything other than our basic Sky package - i.e. football - I have the "misfortune" to have to go to the local pub to watch it ...!!!)